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The Fastest and Easiest Way to Turn Email Subscribers Into Paying Customers

Sick of sending emails that don’t get opened, clicked on or drive people to buy?
Start turning your subscribers into new customers and generating regular revenue for your business... GUARANTEED!

Here's What's Included...

Here is just a small sample of the powerful email templates you will get access to over the coming months, and what makes them so compelling to your leads:

Dear friend,

If you use email to market your business, you know that it should be a lucrative source of enquiries and sales.   

Your subscribers include past clients, old leads and other valuable contacts. These are all ideal clients who you could really help, if only you could get them on board.   

You’ve watched other companies – perhaps even competitors – use email to develop strong followings, to position themselves as experts in their market and to successfully launch new products and services.   

And you’re familiar with the    famous study by Custora , which showed that email marketing generates 40 times the revenue that social media marketing does, on average. Orders are 17% larger.   

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But It Isn’t Your Fault!

You are a busy business owner – not a marketer or a writer.

Knowing what to say to your readers is not your main skill. With clients to keep happy and staff or suppliers to manage, learning to become a top-rated copywriter isn’t the best use of your time, either.

Nor do you have the time to write finely crafted emails from scratch each week, and to analyze complicated email stats and plan better email campaigns.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done - easily.

You, too, can pump out as many emails as you like, feeling sure that your message will resonate with your audience each and every time.

You too can generate a surge in high-quality enquiries and sales over email, enjoying the growth in your business that you deserve, and the confidence that comes with knowing that your next client is never more than an email away.

You’re about to get your hands on the fastest, most efficient way to write high-converting emails for your business. If email marketing is currently a chore, it is about to become a breeze.

Inbox Express is a library of proven email templates, carefully designed to nurture your relationship with your readers, and then turn them into customers.

All you need to do to get these templates working for your business is to fill in the blanks, upload them to your email marketing platform, and hit ‘send’.

Each template takes an average of 10 minutes to customize, cutting down the time you spend on your email marketing to a very manageable minimum – no matter how busy you are.

To make the process even easier for you, each template comes with a filled-in example. There is also a clear explanation of the elements that make the template work so well, so that you can build your marketing knowledge at the same time.

Wow your new readers. Get 7 different templates to welcome new subscribers to your list in the first two weeks, building rapport and trust, so they can’t wait to hear more from you. 

Make your subscribers want what you sell. 7 templates that subtly promote your product and service, creating desire for it even without your readers realizing. Sneaky!

Learn how to promote your core offer to your readers again and again, without boring or annoying them. With this template, you could even email your readers about your product or service every single day.

Launch a product or service with ease. It’s not enough to send just one or two emails telling readers about your new offer. Get the full sequence of 15 emails you need to build up the buzz before your launch, and then systematically inspire your readers and address their concerns – until they buy.

Discover the three special words that force your leads to make a decision to buy from you – fast.They’re included at the bottom of almost every sales email, so your leads don’t procrastinate for months on end.

Drive readers to your content. Got a new eBook to promote? Need more readers for your blog? Get more than a dozen templates that make your content sound irresistible. Use them separately, or as a series to pack a more powerful punch.

Uncover the secret to a great case study, that doesn’t just prove you can deliver great results, but really inspires your readers and gets them imagining what it would be like to work with you. Hint: No boring bullet points or testimonials allowed.

Position yourself as the go-to expert. Use these 20 templates to share your insights and tips with your readers so that they come to rely on you as an authority in your field, without giving away too much and making them feel they can do without your help. The perfect balance.

Get the one-line email which re-awakens even the coldest leads. Are there subscribers on your list who once made an enquiry with you, but never converted? Learn how to bring them back to life, even if you’ve given up on them.

Increase attendance rates at your webinars. On average only 30% of people who register for a webinar show up live. Send this email sequence to your registrants, and beat that average every single time. Also included: Sequences to get your subscribers registered in the first place, and to get them to buy after the webinar.

Start conversations with your subscribers that lead to sales. Get the exact scripts you need to send your readers in order to get them to write back to you, telling you where they need help. All that’s left for you to do is follow up with them…..

Use a warm and friendly tone of voice, which instantly differentiates you from the competition– WITHOUT sounding cheesy or awkward. By the time they meet you, your new clients will be utterly at ease with you.

... and more...

“We get enquiries from people we’ve never heard of”


Since 2000, we’ve helped clients in every conceivable industry generate new business online, including in the health sector, in Pharma, management consultancy, law,  education, IT, a wide variety of financial services companies – and many more.

Here is what one client to say about the impact our emails have had on their business:


As we’re so excited to get Inbox Express into as many hands as possible, we’d like to put our hand out to you even further, and give you a special bonus:

Special Subject Line Swipe File. Your Inbox Express will come pre-loaded with “Get Your Emails Opened”, a special report on how to write persuasive subject lines. But we’re not just going to tell you how to do it. The report includes 125 email subject lines you can steal directly or draw inspiration from. It’s all done for you.

You’ll never have to struggle to come up with an effective subject line again – or have your heart sink when the email you spent so long writing is read by just a fraction of your list.

This freebie is going to cost us – we have never given away so much value for such a low price before – but we are committed to making sure that you get the maximum value out of your email list with minimal investment of time.

Go On, Make Us Prove These Email Templates 
Will Transform Your Business….

I hope by now that you can see just how Inbox Express can transform your marketing efforts, and as a result, catapult your business forwards.

But if you still have even the slightest shadow of a doubt whether or not Inbox Express will work for you, let me put your mind at rest right now.

 Because the Inbox Express templates are directly drawn from or modeled on emails we have used ourselves or for our private clients, they have already proven their effectiveness. There is simply no faster way to get high-converting emails to work for your business.

How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?

What Would Turning Your Email Subscribers 
Into Clients Be Worth To You?

So what would you pay to convert even a fraction of the email subscribers you’ve built up over the past year or two into new clients? To see any online advertising you’re doing finally pay off, new clients coming on board every month and a measurable difference to your turnover?

Imagine what it would feel like to pick up the phone when it rings, and have the person on the other end of the line tell you, “I want to find out how you can help me. I’ve been enjoying your emails for a while now and it’s time we had a chat.”

Then, the next week, from another lead: “My friend recommended you. He said he’s on your email list, and you are by far the best out there.”

Or imagine the excitement when you launch your first course or a brand-new service, and on the morning you announce it, the orders come in thick and fast. The balance in your PayPal account starts creeping upwards…. And you know that for the next few months at least, your financial worries are over.

Worth $1800/Month - 
But You'll Pay Less Than $7/Day!

But we know that $1,800 a month is still too much of a stretch for many businesses.

So we're setting the price for licensing these email templates at $197 / month, which works out to less than $7/day. You can hardly get a fast food meal for that price these days!

Once you join Inbox Express, we’ll immediately set up a phone conversation where we can find out about your company and how you’ve been using email marketing, and help you plan your first three months of emails. We’ll also monitor how the emails are performing for you on a quarterly basis, and help you tweak where necessary, to ensure that you are getting the best possible results.

For a Very Limited Time

This Should Be One Of The Easiest Decisions 
You’ve Ever Made For Your Business

You’ve seen the kind of returns your email list should be giving you, if your list was properly nurtured….And the level of enquiries and sales you could be generating with effective email marketing…. If only you could send out at least one really strategic, persuasive email each week.


You’ve seen how your email marketing is being held back, because you are a business owner, not a marketer…. Because you understandably have bigger fish to fry than perfecting your copywriting skills…. And because you will never have time to devote to writing a terrific email from scratch every week, and optimising their performance.

You’ve seen how easy it is to get high-converting emails out quickly, in just 10-15 minutes, working off a proven template with examples and clear instructions…. How much support you would get with our quarterly monitoring and guidance, so that you would not be working on your email marketing alone….. And how we’d do everything in our power to help you create an email list full of fans who value your expertise and your insights, and want to work with you.


Use These Tried-and-Tested Email Templates to Generate More Sales

There will never be a better time to start turning more of your email subscribers into new clients!

To your success,

Your copy isn’t persuasive enough. Sending random emails to your subscribers won’t turn them into new clients. You need to say the right things, in the right order, to build up a case for your services over the long-term. Guesswork isn’t enough – your marketing needs to be precise.

You are not writing often enough. Just like you can’t build a close relationship with a new friend if you see them only for two minutes every month, you can’t turn email subscribers into clients if they only hear from you sporadically. Your email marketing has to be frequent – preferably once a week – and consistent for your readers to feel connected to you and absorb what you have to say.

You’re not optimising your emails. The quickest route to success over email is to look at the material you’ve already sent out, to understand what works with your audience and what bombs. Then adjust your next emails accordingly.

If you’re not deliberately improving what you’re doing, you are doomed to make the same mistakes that stop you from generating enquiries and sales, again and again.

“Over  25 years, we’ve tried marketers and copywriters to promote our business  – you name it we’ve done it. Nothing has cracked it like Brainstorm Digital’s emails.


People tell us they look forward to reading them - this shocks us each time because people's Inboxes are so crowded!

Our  message is complex and for the first time, our audience understands what we do. The emails have woken up contacts from the past who have been on our list forever and never responded to anything. Now they all write back to us and we can start meaningful conversations with them.

We  get enquiries from people we've never heard of and existing clients buy more from us, because they discover additional services we offer  through our emails.

It’s incredibly valuable to our business.”

Garry Mumford
Owner, Insight Associates

PS. If you have all the clients that you need and that your business can handle, this offer is probably not for you. But if, on the other hand, you want to build up your business fast…. And have an email list full of good prospects, who you know could be turned into clients… Then Inbox Express is ready and waiting to give you those results.

Get access right now:

Founder and Director

Director of Content

A surge in responses from former clients and old contacts you thought had forgotten you, getting back in touch

Enquiries from brand-new subscribers, looking for your help

Direct sales if you launch a new product or service

Confidence that your marketing is finally on the right track!

These Three Barriers Stop Your Email Marketing 
From Getting Results

So why do the emails you send generate only a fraction of the interest, responses – and sales – that you were hoping for?

And why does it feel like your business is treading water, failing to grow at a reasonable rate, when you put so much effort into marketing it?

To make your email marketing ridiculously, unbelievably easy to implement, we’ve drafted almost every email you’ll ever need to send.

Cut Your Learning Curve Dramatically Down

You clearly want your emails to deliver better results for your business, because you’ve read this far.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend months or years trying to figure it out.

Because the templates are based on emails we have sent to our own subscribers or to our private clients’ subscribers, they are tried-and-tested.

We’ve made all the mistakes on our own time, fixed them, and now you can reap the rewards.

Just follow the plan we’ll help you develop, and send out one of our templates each week to nurture your leads. Then sit back and watch as your readers become hooked on your every word, start to understand that they need your help and grow convinced that you are the right provider for them. Your reputation will soar amongst your ideal clients.

When you send them one of our sales email sequences, promoting a product or service, they will jump at the chance to buy from you.

Not only will your roster of clients grow and your turnover rise, but your new clients will be the very best kind – people who see working with you as the ultimate prize.

You will also have the security of a quarterly check-in call with us, to help you plan your next three months of emails, to monitor your results and to optimize your email marketing’s performance where necessary.

Not only can you rest assured that you are getting the very best results for your business at all times, you will not have to figure out alone which emails to send and how to optimize them. We will be right there with you, holding your hand.

That’s how much you’re missing out on whenever you fail to follow up adequately with a potential client on your email list.

They may choose to buy from one of your competitors, or perhaps they never end up buying anything at all, because no one followed up with them correctly. What’s certain is that the money does not flow into your pocket.

Depending on the size of your database, you may already have the details of dozens or even hundreds of people who need your services, even if they don’t quite realize it yet, or if they still need a push to contact you.

That quickly adds up into many thousands of dollars locked in your email list. Thousands of dollars that could be yours, to put to good use developing your business (perhaps hiring new staff? Splurging on training you’ve had your eye on for a while?) or investing in your own family and future.

How Much Have You Already Spent on Growing a List That's Going Cold?

And we haven’t even touched on the money you are actively spending to build up your email list, advertising on Facebook and Adwords to bring people to your website, and paying for conferences and networking events where you gather business cards as if they were gold dust.

All that money is wasted, if those contacts don’t hear from you often enough.

I get it. As I said earlier, it is really tough to both run a business, keeping your clients happy and staying on top of your accounts, your staff, and a million and one emergencies that crop up every week…… and write really excellent marketing emails from scratch.

Even if you have an in-house marketing person writing your emails for you, they too have competing priorities such as social media, SEO work and blog writing. They’re unlikely to give email the time it deserves.

Every single day your email list sits gathering dust, without your subscribers being nurtured and sold to effectively, you’re leaving money on the table.

How much?

Well, how much is the average client worth to you, over the entire time they work with you?

$1,000? $10,000? $30,000? Perhaps more?

That is why I am completely comfortable backing Inbox Express with a cast-iron guarantee. 

If you follow the program we set out for the first quarter during our initial call,  send one of our templates to your list each week, and are not completely satisfied with your results, we will give you the license to use all our email templates for another month, and follow up with another planning-and-monitoring call – completely for free. 

Frankly, if you send out the emails we recommend in the first 12 weeks, you will already see:


Not Just Email Templates: 
Includes Expert One-to-One Coaching!

Inbox Express comes preloaded with the four types of essential emails you need immediately, so that you can get started quickly and without overwhelm.

Over the coming months, you will regularly get access to new templates to expand your repertoire. The emails are all clearly categorized and easily searchable, so you can find the template you need at a moment’s notice.

Get My High Converting Email Templates Now!
Get My High Converting Email Templates Now!
Get My High Converting Email Templates Now!
Get My High Converting Email Templates Now!