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Grant Leboff
CEO, Sticky Marketing Club
Danny Bermant
Director, Brainstorm Digital


Grant Leboff is one of the U.K's  leading 
Sales and Marketing   experts.
His latest book,  ‘Stickier  Marketing’, went 
straight to  #1  in the Amazon 
Sales & Marketing  Chart. 
A thought leader in his field,  Leboff 
continually challenges  Sales & Marketing 
conventions  that have become accepted  
wisdom, but don’t necesarily deliver results.

What People Said About Previous Webinars

Nagesh Ramamurthy, IMS Health

Thank you very much for providing us this very insightful, informative, and easy-to-practise webinar on how to enhance our marketing skills! I very much appreciate the speaker Danny Bermant's easy style of speaking. Excellent!

Corinna König-Wildförster, Lonza

Thank you very much for providing this. I joined the webinar and found it really helpful and well structured. Keep going ;-)

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About The Webinar

It’s difficult to get business online when all your competitors are there too – appearing above you on Google, talking to the same people on Twitter, with similar websites to your own.

On this webinar, discover the single most powerful way of differentiating your business online, so that you immediately stand above the competition.


  • How to avoid the biggest trap most companies fall into, that makes them sound just like everybody else
  • The five key points you need to communicate to your buyers, to become attractive to them
  • Get an unbeatable tool to plan exactly what you need to say to your audience, to make them buy from you

    ….and more.


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How To Stand Out In a Crowded Online Market

Discover the single most powerful way of differentiating your business online,
so that you immediately stand above the competition

With over 15 years in digital  marketing, 
Danny is one of the  UK’s top lead-generation
 experts, helping companies build online 
sales funnels to generate leads,  
enquiries and sales.
As well as authoring several social media
guides , Danny is  a sought-after speaker who
regularly  addresses conferences on how social
media can be used for client acquisition.  
He is director of Brainstorm Digital.
Miriam Shaviv
Content Director,  Brainstorm Digital


Miriam left an award-winning career 
in journalism in 2013 to join Brainstorm Digital 
as its content director,
after realising that the difference 
between companies that succeed online 
and those that fail is the quality of 
their content. 
She helps companies create content
that customers really want and need, so that 
they buy from them.
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